The Darkness Rising

Adventure Log

The Darkness Rising

Life,Liberty and the Pursuit of Fame and Power!

Riddleport the City of Cyphers settled long ago merely for it’s location under the ancient wonder the “Cyphergate” believed to be left behind from an ancient culture known as Thasilon. Long being considered a backwater town on the edge of the frontier it has risen to prominence in recent years under the watchful gaze of Overlord Cromarcky. It’s laws or lack their of have made it a haven for pirates,thugs,gangs and social misfits such as half-breeds like half-elves and half-orcs and teiflings. Many come to Riddleport looking to get away from prejudices or constraints on “doing business”. Most come here however to get rich quick and with a little bit of luck and some skill it’s just the right place.
With this in mind an unaccomplished sorcerer named Davram Basheer has made his home here preferring it to his place of birth in Cheliax. Free of Chelaxian laws and prejudices Davram was free to work his craft on the streets pulling “odd jobs” for the right price using his magic or his great ability to talk people into “doing whats best for them”. Life on the streets here is tough especially without some muscle to back him up. Fortunately for him he worked a few jobs with a local street enforcer named Sepp Urlacher.
Sepp a native of Riddleport was orphaned at a young age and forced to a life of crime on the streets, being blessed with a 6’4 225 lb. body he found it easier than most. His size and knowledge of the streets has landed him work as muscle for some of Riddleport’s “businessmen”. Spending most of his 19 years on the streets has earned him some “street cred” and has developed some valuable contacts for information and fencing.
The third member of this unlikely crew is the enigmatic elven priest known simply as “D” . “D” heralds from the Elven lands of the Mierani Forest and since his arrival in town has been making a name for himself as a man who can “get the job done” whether it be through trickery an guile or just plain getting his hands dirty preferring the former to the latter. Although his name is known in some circles very few people know what he actually looks like as he has the uncanny ability to disguise his appearance. Little else is known of him although some speculate that he may have been sent by the elves on some sort of secretive mission.


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