The Darkness Rising

Saint Casperian's Salvation

The hunt for Beltias Kreun

13th Day of Arodus, 4708 AR
Strange days indeed for the city of Riddleport. It has been nearly 1 month since the mysterious blot has appeared in the sky above the city and while the curiosity has died down for most of the city’s inhabitants some changes are still prevalent around town. For one the influx of many pigeons or as some call them “fat marks”, most of which are scholars and mages from places as far off as Magnimar that have come to study what has become known locally as “Blakey’s Shadow” or simply the blot. While some in town disdain the thought of so many Bridge Monkeys most see it as an opportunity to make some coin especially Shorafa Pamodae and her “hospitality district”.
Early in the evening “D” receives a job to in his words " seek out a fat mark named Beltias Kreun" . “D” not knowing who or more importantly where Beltias was, headed to the Publican House hoping to run into his colleague Sepp. Unbeknownst to him Sepp was already contacted to meet with and help “D”. After reaching out to his “information broker” Lefty, Sepp finds out Beltias is running a guild of thieves out of St.Casperians Salvation. St.Casperians Salvation is a mission and temple of Calistria in the rotgut district. Lefty also told him he might want to bring some extra firepower and so they leave to seek out their friend Davram. On the way they are jumped by some thugs lead by Viktor Kreuger and after easily defeating them and flipping Viktor over to their side they realize they had been sold out by one of Lefty’s crew. They arrive at Beltias’s hideout and dispatch most of his crew but he escapes by diguising himself as an old beggar. While searching they run into an old Andoran soldier named Jhonas Astreson who has taken upon himself to help Father Padrick and rid the mission of this gang known as The Splithogs. Through conversing with Jhonas they find out the job was commissioned by none other than Shorafa Pamodae herself …. what her interest is in this is still not known. Prior to leaving the group finds a message on one of Pidges pigeons saying crew is set for Goblin job.

With Beltias still at large Sepp contacts Lefty to inquire as to his whereabouts. According to Lefty, Beltias has put together a crew to pull a heist at the Golden Goblin later this evening during the Cheat The Devil tournament. Lefty also told Sepp that the traitor who sold them out is a bard that goes by the name of Thuvalia who will be taking part in the heist. They also found out Thuvalia’s boyfriend Angvar Thistlecrit, a wizard new in town will be there as well.


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